Our Solution

Paying for meals with cash can cause long and slow queues, sometimes causing students to rush, or in the worst case miss out on their meals.

Cash can cause problems in the playground as students can misplace or misuse the amount available with them.

Parents too often have little control over what their children eat for school meals and without reasonable guidance, their children could end up eating an unhealthy diet.

These problems can be solved with a modern, cost effective Digital Payment Solution that provides students, staff and parents with an effective mean of purchasing both in and around the campus and online.

myCampusMonitor, provides a secure and easy to use Digital Payment Solution for academic institutions. It doesn’t only simplify and accelerate payments at various touch points but also provides better user experience to parents, students and its business partners alike. Some of the benefits include:

  • Better control and management over campus payments
  • A Digital Closed Loop Wallet associated with Smart Card.
  • Reduced administration overheads and costs
  • Direct savings through better cash flow management
  • More revenues through increased usage of cafeteria facilities
  • Fast and efficient payment process, quicker service hence shorter queues
  • Reduced cash handling and better reporting
  • Improved safety by minimizing cash
  • Providing parents better control on children’s campus eating and spending habits
  • Providing value added functions such as payment for campus events and fund raisers
  • Fully customizable as academic institutions can add modules to manage in-building access, library record management, student attendance and health office details.

It eliminates the need for cash in the campus environment and can be used for purchasing items from the cafeteria, paying for school excursions, event fees, purchasing uniform, text books and stationary items, and making other campus related payments while the online account is used for loading value and viewing transactions.

It provides Point of Sale (POS) terminal & software designed to specifically meet the needs of a busy cafeteria environment, a uniform shop and book and/or stationary shop. This is easily customized to support the institutions’ range of meals and products provided.

It manages all payment related transactions and provides dynamic reporting to administrators and parents as the funds are deposited directly into the institutions’ bank account. It is an ideal tool to help manage the caterers in campuses where the catering is outsourced. myCampusMonitor Smart Card can also be used as student ID card thereby making one card useful for all campus related transactions.

Values in the Smart ID Card Wallet Account can be loaded by using the unique online account provided to each parent or by cash at a school designated counter.

The solution is divided into modules that are administered through a personal computer and either functions stand-alone or integrates with existing campus administration and database management applications. The solution can also be further customized to satisfy individual institution’s business requirements.

myCampusMonitor provides a safe and instant channel to parents for restricting, if required, use of funds by setting up a limit for various transactions.