Safe & Secure

Smart, Safe & Secure

Smart ID Card Wallet Account is safer than cash and does away with the need for children to carry cash to school. It reduces bullying associated with cash at school and safeguards the credit from being lost or stolen as could happen with cash. No cash would also ensure that funds meant for cafeteria or any other in-campus facilities are spent where they are meant to be and there is no misuse.

Values are stored on Smart ID Card Wallet Account on local server, Smart ID Card wallet access is secured with a PIN, if the card is lost or stolen, its value is secure and can be transferred instantly to the replacement card after blocking the primary card.

Our databases are encrypted and any photos uploaded are encrypted as well. As an added security measure, any change in data is immediately notified to the registered e-mail ID with date and time stamp.

Controlled by Parents

Parents would appreciate the convenience of an on-line management of all in-campus expenses. Parents could log into their account to view the students’ purchases and/or update their daily spending limit. This detail, right down to individual lunch items and other in-campus expenses, is not available when students use debit cards or cash.

Parents can restrict where money is to be spent and would also be able to restrict any food items for a particular student.

Parents would be able to load value in the Smart ID Card Wallet Account using the online portal or using cash at school designated counters.

Controlled by Department Head

Each Head of Department or the authorized person has full control over the respective department cost centre, which means, the items and their pricing is under control and there is no possibility of any error at the sale counter. The refunds are also processed back in the Smart ID Card Wallet Account, and in no case, any cash is handed back to the student.