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Frequently Asked Questions

Not as of now but YES in due course once the brand tie-ups are in place for specific outlets where students could use the Smart ID Card Wallet Account for making purchases.

myCampusMonitor Smart ID Cards, although have an associated Prepaid Wallet Account , cannot be used to withdraw cash at an ATM or even get cash back from a purchase. Not only does this avoid transaction fee, but it also helps ensure that the controls you, as a parent, place on the card are definitely followed.

Yes, parents would be able to add any food restrictions for their children either at the time of registration or later at their own convenience. The menu item list is bar coded with ingredient details and any restricted item cannot be sold. The system has full parental control and allows them to make well-informed choices for their children.

No, you do not need to have separate POS equipment, as all hardware is supplied/installed by us as part of the license fee. Going forward there would be an option of ONLINE ordering where parents can pre-order food for their children in advance. Online ordering shall reduce food wastage and each student will be able to get their desired food item as the cafeteria operators shall know exactly what needs to be prepared for next day.

School administrators would be able to issue a replacement Smart ID card immediately when they open for work and the value available from your lost Smart ID Card Wallet Account would be transferred to the replacement card so you do not lose anything. However, you cannot request a replacement card yourself – parents will have to call.

One of the benefits of myCampusMonitor admin module is that the menu could be changed on the fly and downloaded on the cafeteria POS terminal at the click of a button. This helps keep the menu on terminal up to date and fresh that may be hard to achieve using a paper-based menu.

Stuff happens, and with children, stuff happens a lot. If you should misplace your Smart ID Card, either you or your parent(s) can call the school administrators and the card would be blocked instantly.

If the school is already using any myCampusMonitor module then adding additional services such as events, fundraisers, book and uniform sales does not cost anything additional however initial setup of myCampusMonitor module is charged on a yearly license fee per student.

The license fee includes Smart ID Card with School Logo/Theme for each student and staff, setting up of the cashless cafeteria, POS terminals and training to the cafeteria employees and school admin staff as well.

Please note that there is no transaction fee charged on any cashless transaction within school boundaries.

If you are given a refund for a purchase made with your Smart ID Card, the funds are transferred back into your Smart ID Card Wallet Account and won’t be available to you as Cash.

PIN is Personal Identification Number and each Card has a unique PIN to ensure security. If however there is a need to change the PIN, the student needs to visit the school admin office and change PIN instantly by using the POS terminal. The terminal could also be used to DISABLE the PIN, if so required.