Frequently Asked Questions

School authorities pre-register each parent automatically and their unique username/password is sent home through their child(ren). Using the link provided in the notification, parents could fill in the required details to complete registration and change password to access their online account.

Registration is required to access the Online Account provided by school authorities. This is used by parents to update/edit personal details and get detailed reports on spends. The online account also gives parents flexibility of defining spend limit and blocking any specific item from being purchased.

You would need to provide the following information during registration
Your Name
Your e-mail ID
Your Nationality and Address Details
Your Contact Number

Log in to your online account, select “Add Student” and then follow the steps to complete the setup.

To reset your password and access your online account again, please go to the “URL” and click “Login” and then “Forgot Password” tab. Enter your e-mail address used during registration and keep a look out in your Inbox for an e-mail with instructions and link to Reset your password. Please note that sometimes the e-mail may be sitting in “Junk” or “Spam” folder.

Our databases are encrypted and any photos that you upload of your child are encrypted as well. As an added security measure, any change in your data is notified immediately to your registered e-mail ID with date and time stamp.

As another layer of security, parents have full control on card spend limits to be allocated per transaction or per day basis. Parents also have complete control on what could be purchased and what is blocked that helps in inculcating healthy eating habits for their children.

Parents get an e-mail alert informing them of the LOW BALANCE in their child’s Smart ID Card Wallet Account when the balance falls below a predefined threshold, the value could be added almost instantly.

You could use any available online payment method or Mobile wallets and the value gets transferred to your child’s account almost instantly. Alternatively, you could use cash (at a school designated counter) to refill the value in your child’s card instantly.

NO, there are no service fees’ for card usage.